Flakboy Lab Escape

Flakboy Lab Escape is a webGL 3D browser game designed and developed by Playerthree for Spilgroup’s portfolio of websites. In many ways its an experimental piece of development work as for the first time we used Unity3D to publish as an HTML5 WebGL game to test the performance and user base of webGL browser games. It was published with the beta version in Unity 5.2

Sticking firmly within the Flakboy theme, the character will ultimately suffer a bloody demise. You job is to help him survive for as long as possible as he tries to escape from the Lab.

It’s a 3D side-on endless runner featuring traps, laser walls and moving platforms. You can upgrade your character as you earn achievements and choose some tasty new outfits for Flakboy.

Due to the variable support of WebGL and HTML5, the game is optimised to work on Chrome, Firefox. It unfortunately does not work on Safari.