About Playerthree

Founded in 2001, we are an award-winning independent game development studio with a great reputation for creating original games with high production values.

Whether our goal is to entertain, educate or increase brand awareness, we develop great cross-platform games from concept through to delivery.

We work openly (and often secretly) with clients great and small, including advertising agencies, design agencies, marketing agencies, media owners and even other games companies.

If you have a brief for an interesting project, please get in touch.

Games for Brands

We’ve over two decades of experience working directly with content publishers such as the BBC, Cartoon Network, Disney, Sky, Nickelodeon, Sega and Sony. We’ve also created games and apps for consumer brands including Coca Cola, Kraft, Pernod Ricard, DHL & KFC.

We work hard creating new and innovative game concepts unique to the brands we promote, with high production values that match our clients’ expectations. We have a legacy of great games that have been used to help promote campaigns worldwide, winning awards including BAFTAs, Webbys and a One Show Silver.

Whether creating new characters and developing IP or working with existing characters, IP and brands, we are equally confident of achieving an excellent result.

Playerthree has the skills and resources to handle everything in the game production process in-house, in our studio near London Bridge, SE1.

Games for Education

Educational games, games-for-change, ‘edutainment’ can also be considered a speciality production area. Way-back since developing downloadable games for the World Food Programme, we’ve consistently produced excellent original content for BBC Bitesize, the Science Museum, The United Nations and the University of Kent.

Often dealing with some very challenging subject areas, we’ve always been able to seamlessly weave educational, factual content into rewarding and challenging gameplay. The results have attracted millions of users to their content and websites.

Multi-Platform Development, Cross-Platform Deployment

We develop in HTML5, Unity and C++, for deployment on a wide variety of platforms, including VR, AR delivery and recently publishing games within Roblox and their bespoke publishing environment:

HTML5 (PixiJS; Canvas & DOM) Web browsers, iOS & Android browsers and apps
Unity Web browsers, iOS & Android apps, VR / AR, Installations
PlayCanvas Web browsers, iOS & Android apps
C++ iOS, Android, Smart TV

This platform-independence gives us the flexibility to design the right game, for the right platforms, using the right tools. And those tools and platforms are constantly evolving, so we invest a lot in research and development to stay ahead of the curve.