Top Gear Games

The BBC asked us to create a series of viral Top Gear games to promote their recently-revamped TopGear web site, and Rocket Robin is the first. We give you the chance to pilot a Robin Reliant space shuttle into orbit in a faithful homage to the original TV broadcast stunt.

Use the arrow keys to charge up the boosters and fly your Robin where no Reliant has flown before. Control the booster rockets in flight, but remember to jettison them before they overheat by pressing the space bar. In classic TopGear style (‘ambitious but rubbish’) this may not always work out quite as you’d hope.

The main thruster will take you all the way into space, but remember to ditch it before it becomes a dead-weight to gain as much altitude as you can for a top score.

Of course the original stunt never made it this far, so after that you’re on your own…