Duck Tales Rush

Duck Tales Rush is a side-scrolling action runner developed by Playerthree for Disney UK.

You play as Webby, Huey, Dewey and Louie to help Scrooge McDuck recover his lost fortune! You can run, jump, slide and swing through many challenging levels. Levels are cleverly designed to have multiple routes through, all directing you toward the end, but on your way you’ll get glimpses of hidden treasures so you’ll need to replay to perfect your timing and find those hidden areas. Watch out for spikes, runaway boulders and fire pits. If you land in the right place, you’ll be able to hitch and ride on robots and giant beetles to help navigate different parts of the tunnels!

At ceertain moments in each level, there are ‘bullet-time’ quick time events, where the action goes into slow motion, prompting you to take an onscreen action in order to use some special equipment and take a different route. Or you can ignore the event and continue on your way. There are two exciting modes of game play; Story Mode and Endless mode. The game was created using our own level editor system and pixi.js to bring the engine to life on as many platforms as possible.

Its a fast paced level based game that’s tricky to master but always fun to play. All four little ducks follow each other around whatever you do. You can also unlock special outfits for the ducks in the closet section and see all the special artefacts you’ve found in Scrooge’s museum.