We have been working on a twin-stick shooter for iPhone in the name of Super Cyclone, and it is nearly ready for release!

Super Cyclone is a frantic space-shooter in a spiraling universe.

You are the lone pilot of a intercept-class patrol ship sent to defend groups of star gates on the outer reaches of the solar system. Species of alien hexapod are attacking the star gates in an effort to gain direct access to your planetary system.

Stop the alien nests from entering the gates while fending hordes of aliens coming for you.

Use all your available armaments including the mighty Cyclone, a very powerful weapon that can save you in the heat of the battle. But be careful: overuse it and your ship may explode…

We have created a preview video which you can see below… the game is having some final tweaks added including cool weapons upgrades, and will be available on the App Store very soon.