Chronovolt released

Chronovolt for PSVita is released tomorrow in Europe, Australia and all the PAL regions. We’re really excited as this has been a project we have been working on for a while and a lot of sweat (but no tears) has been poured into the development. We’re privileged that the game was also chosen by Sony […]

We like to moo it!

No more bull, it’s time for the cows to get their revenge: Cowaboom is released! We started work on the game for earlier this year with one scope in mind and ended up creating a game that is three times bigger, better and super polished. A10 saw how much potential it had and simply […]

Play three newborns

Playerthree has lovingly nurtured three new interactive books for proud new parents, digital publisher Digital Leaf and children’s writer Anita Pouroulis. We also have one more ‘bun in the oven’, Mum’s Cronky Car which is coming soon. All the apps sit alongside a traditional printed release by Digital Leaf as well. Due to constraints on […]

Stomp stomp stomp

We’ve been so busy we forget to mention the small fact that our romping stomping pixel shooter for iOS devices NeoMech has been released on iTunes Appstore. Download NeoMech right here RIGHT NOW! We published the game through Miniclip and made a flash version for their free games site too, although the iOS version has […]

Not Us unfortunately

So, we didn’t win the TIGA serious games category, but congratulations to Denki for their Quarrel game which picked up two awards that night. … maybe we’ll try again next year perhaps with the right game. Also maybe we should try attending the actual ceremony too?