And so, as the year draws to an end, the frost turns to rain and the studio prepares itself for project Xmas (one of joy and undoubtedly a little gluttony), we thought we’d recap on this year’s projects as our ‘portfolio’ site can’t keep up.

It’s been a very very busy year for us in which we’ve learnt so much. It’d be impossible to write it all down in fact. However we managed to spread our efforts across many platforms, languages and clients whilst also self publishing a huge number of projects which has possibly been the biggest eye opener into the pros and cons of paid, freemium, in-app purchases and ad delivery.

Although there are three excellent multi-platform projects which are so very close to completion they alas did not cross the finish line. So the list reads:

• Stunt Bunnies Circus for Chilibite (iOS, Android, Amazon)

• Nom Nation for Channel4 Education (Web, PSP/PS3/PSVita, iOS)

• Lava Lab for Miniclip(Web)

• Loot The Land – self published (PSMobile)

• Mad For The Mix for Arthur London (Facebook, iOS, Android)

• Pancake Pandemonium for Digital Leaf (iOS, Android)

• My Monster Mayhem for Digital Leaf (iOS, Android)

• Mum’s Cronky Car for Digital Leaf (iOS, Android)

• Neo Mech for Miniclip (iOS)

• Neglect for University of Kent (Web)

• Duracell Olympics facebook games (Web)

• Tell the Time With Bubbimals – self published (iOS, Android)

• Memory Match with Bubbimals – self published (iOS)

• Cowaboom for Spilgroup (iOS, Android, Amazon)

• Chronovolt – self published (PSVita)

• An ‘as-yet-unamed-game’ for Legal&General (iOS, Android)

• Ice Cream Empire for Bocconi Business School (Facebook, iOS, Android)

• Say What You See (SWYS) for Big Ideas (Amazon)

• P3Ads system licensed to Spilgroup

• A ‘hush-hush’ interaction project for Channel4

We pitched for some really excellent projects too and although for some we ended being the bridesmaid rather than the bride, some others we successfully hitched up with. We’ve always delivered work-for-hire web projects to clients and made them happy, always do updates and keep promoting. However the more one self-publishes content on handhelds and smartphones the more you realise how marmite-like the press consumer audience can be.

I’ve learnt there are no ‘half measures’ when it comes to reviews. Everything’s either ecstatic or bordering on vitriolic (even for free games) and generally not much consensus. This is no bad thing, as they make you focus much more on QA and testing and you realise just how precious that initial window of promotion can be to the success of a game. You can always do updates after the launch, but you can’t change early reviews so managing the expectations of the consumers and press needs to be carefully considered.

In 2013 we’re looking forward to pushing much harder to get our foot out of the office door and into other people’s. Promoting and presenting ourselves in a better way has to be top of the agenda, so expect a new website early in the year and feel free to email us to ask where the hell it is if the old one is still here in February.

Some of our client 2012 work was shortlisted for awards and occasionally won too, result! We are developing some really exciting and interesting projects for next year and desperately need a better format to showcase our work and achievements.

Finally, thanks for all the follows on Twitter and likes on Facebook. We try to keep the drivel to a minimum. Happy Christmas!