Wussywat® Garden Games

Wussywat® Garden Games

Baby Cow Animation and Playerthree are proud to announce the release of Wussywat® Garden Games – their first pre-school app on 22nd June to coincide with the launch of Wussywat the Clumsy Cat, Baby Cow’s first pre-school comedy show for CBeebies.


Wussywat the Clumsy Cat follows the slapstick antics of a clever, curious cat – always on the lookout for fun new things to learn.

Wussywat Garden Games features the gentle, calming tones of the show’s narrator, popular Broadcaster Liza Tarbuck as well as the charming designs of illustrator and art director Jo Kiddie. The show’s slapstick writing is inherent in the game design and its ‘have fun having a go’ ethos runs through all interactive play ensuring little learners have lots of fun engaging in the whacky world of Wussywat.

Featuring five fun games and an interactive sticker book, Wussywat Garden Games will engage and entertain pre-schoolers, allowing for children aged 2-6 to develop hand eye co-ordination and problem-solving skills through different game-playing styles.


  • Slapstick antics to amuse and engage preschoolers
  • Simple, positive and progressive reward sticker system
  • Child safe, Parent-friendly: No in-app purchases, no ads, all settings behind an age gate.


Wussywat Garden Games App preview:

Wussywat – Meet the Characters on CBeebies:


David Streek, Creative Director at Playerthree, says:

“We instantly fell in love with Wussywat and his never-give-up approach. The artwork is beautiful and the slapstick humour a treat to animate. We poured our hearts into bringing him to life and making ‘Wussywat Garden Games’ a truly enjoyable interactive experience for the little ones. It’s been excellent working with Baby Cow and Bigfatstudio to bring this cross-platform app to market and we look forward to developing more in the near future.”

Simon Quinn, co-creator of Wussywat says:

“We love how Playerthree have faithfully brought our characters to life within the games. They have been brilliant to work with and have really understood the ethos of the show. We love the games they have created and we are sure the little ones will enjoy playing them as much as we have!”

More information

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Based in London, England

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22nd June 2015


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