Titan Souls

Titan Souls is a hellenic tower defence game for mobile that gives puts you in control of battle hardened Greek Gods as they defend Olympus from Hades and his armies of mythical creatures.

Although we designed and developed Titan Souls for new publishing house D.S. Ancient Games in mid 2013, it unfortunately wasn’t published until early 2014. However it’s now out for all to enjoy in 2014.

D.S. Ancient are huge fans of tower defence games and LOVE ‘epic’ story lines. They wanted this game to include their unique voiced-narrative to present each new stage of the battle as it progressed. This is unusual for a tower defence game but allowed our art team to produce some beautiful character art and to bring their story to life. We also wanted to produce a new original style among the TD categories.

Titan Souls offers easy, medium and challenge modes over 18 levels of varying landscapes to provide a compelling challenge to new and experienced players. As you journey deeper into the game it features some unique power ups and enemies that bring their epic story of battling Greek gods to life.