Roblox Lunchables Racing

Roblox Lunchables Racing is a branded experience within Roblox, created by Playerthree for SuperAwesome and KraftHeinz USA.

Working closely with the SuperAwesome team we designed and created a Lunchables food themed market square featuring a giant gacha machine and unique spaces for different mini-games

The gacha machine vended rarity parts for the customisation of your racing car. Users could visit the garage to customise their car before races.

The town square also featured a lunar themed UFO grabber game, a pizza fest dance sequencer, the diner-dash style restaurant game and a lunchables infinite stacker challenge game.

The main feature was of course racing the custom cars against other realtime roblox multiuser players. For that Roblox experience we created 3 unique themed tracks; a tropical island pirate theme, a lunar ufo invasion theme and a lunchbox world theme.

Every day there were 25 hidden coins to find, and 100 unique items to customise your kart adding up to around one million combinations.

Promoted over a short campaign period, the experience was visited over 600,000 times. Leveraging Roblox creator features we were able to combine a mix of custom models and textures with build in objects and materials to produce such a large experience in a short space of time to meet a campaign launch deadline where the game was reviewed by YouTubers and influencers, tying in with a wider USA based advertising campaign focusing on creating fun structures and objects using lunchables products.