Overkill Apache

Aimed squarely at teenage boys and casual gamers, Overkill Apache’s name derived from the manner in which it plays… pure overkill on the senses.

Staying true to a classic arcade game format, the user blasts wave after wave of choppers, trucks, jets and tanks into oblivion accompanied by the comments of the cigar chewing pilot. The more you destroy, the more upgrades your weapons receive until the action is so full of pixel explosions and missiles that you can barely see the sky.

Overkill Apache features a wealth of lovingly hand-crafted pixel animations and wave after wave of physics-based weaponry.

Created as a Playerthree title and licensed to Fingertime.com, Miniclip.com, Mousebreaker.com and Zapak, with promotional versions seeded on Newgrounds.com and numerous competitor sites around the world, this clocked up 1 million plays in the first 2 weeks, over 50 million plays in 18 months before our old stats server croaked under the load, and has now had well over 100 million plays worldwide.