Open the Games is a celebration of Coca-Cola’s ongoing association with the Winter Olympics, and we are proud to have been working direct with Coca Cola on this global online campaign.

Freeride is a fully-fledged 3D snowboarding game, developed using the Unity3D plugin. Starting from a choice of three drop-off points, you must freeride down the mountain at top speed, executing tricks, jumps and grabs while making checkpoints en route to the finish line. Registered players can create their own runs using a unique and surprisingly easy course-creation system, then share them on social networks with friends and other users of the site.

Snowball Fight pitches gamers from around the world against each other in a realtime four-on-four multi-user snowball fight. Dynamically selected teams keep the gameplay fresh while an extensive of array of snow-related weapons are available to help you in your quest for snowball domination.

Everything you achieve on the site racks up experience points which unlock additional functionality in-game plus gear and snowboard designs to enhance your avatar, all of which feature in the widgets available for installation in your favourite social networking site, for bragging rights amongst your friends. is freely available to play online in multiple languages, and also ties into the Dynamiq codes and coins competition system in Nordic and Alpine regions.

ps.. it won an FWA award as well (which was nice)