My Pet and Me

My Pet and Me is a hugely popular show featured on CBeebies in the UK. In 2014 Playerthree created an HTML5 game for their desktop and mobile browser sites so that children could look after their very own digital pet, a cute little hamster.

It was consistently one of the highest played games on CBeebies, and alongside the recommissioning of the second TV series, Playerthree was commissioned to update the original game for November 2015.

The updated game not only features a second pet, a super cute kitten, to look after with its own unique content and games, but the game now complies with the BBC’s new accessibility guidelines, something that will apply to all new HTML5 games on the CBeebies website.

You can choose your hamster or kitten type and name, then have some fun looking after them and giving them games to play along with. In true tamagotchi style play, you can also feed your pets and customise the cage. When it’s tired, send it to sleep and choose different weird and wonderful dreams for the hamster or kitten to enjoy.

My Pet and Me is a programme to help children appreciate what it really means to have a pet, looking at the responsibility of caring for its needs whilst also showing what great fun you can have! It was very important that this game followed the same values and all the games, food and activities were checked by the resident hamster experts at Cbeebies HQ.

It’s super fun for little animal lovers and full of lots of gratuitously cute squeaks and yawns. What’s not to love?