Deth Toll 2

Back by popular demand on the Adult Swim site, Deth Toll 2 is the creatively-named sequel to the extremely popular ‘Deth Toll’ rhythm-based keyboard tapping music game featuring music and video from the band Dethklok.

Simply hit the keyboard in time to the death metal tracks. (Most people use their fingers, but other appendages are available). Turn your wireless keyboard upside down keeping your left hand over the 1,2,3,4 keys and you can rock out in true style.

The game features three original Dethklok audio tracks and a wealth of video from the show, streamed according to your current performance, so the entire game becomes more vibrant if you’re doing well. If you can finish the hard level without a mistake, you should probably be in band.

The interaction method has been optimised and refined to give even more accurate responses even when playing on slower computers, to level the playing field across all platforms. The Adult Swim forums are now full of players posting their top scores, so this was an important development to avoid litigation.