Spil Group commissioned Playerthree to develop the Cowaboom app in Unity to distribute across iOS, Android & Kindle. We worked in parallel with their in-house team as they developed the Flash version of the game.

We developed the game engine and worked together with Spil to create and test levels across the different worlds and integrate new character animations as they were developed. Cowaboom has been a great success and a 4-5 star reviewed game on every platform.

There’s no other way of describing the game except to say it’s an oddball physics based game where you control a team of jumping cows. You need to catapult your cows to clear the target area of bulls. A whole herd of cows with special powers is behind you:

• Explosive cowakazis
• Heavy-duty cowabigs
• Udderly mad cowamommas
• A mean, green, hulktastic cowasmash!