Be a Bartender!

Be a Bartender! An original app cocktail serving game created by Playerthree for Pernod-Ricard. It’s available on Google Play, Amazon App Store and Apple App Store.

Ever wanted to be on the other side of the bar? Battle your way through hectic nights serving great drinks to enthusiastic and unpredictable guests! Take control of your station and learn how to make your favourite classic cocktails with an air of grace and apparent control. But be warned, don’t take too long – make sure you keep those guests happy!

Be a Bartender! features a huge range of randomised animated male and female customers. This was important because with Drink Aware in mind, its important that each day you are not repeatedly serving the same customer over and over again. As your skills increase, so does the complexity of the cocktails and number of requests. Mix your drinks accurately and serve them promptly to keep the customer happy.

As you progress you’ll learn new cocktails featuring famous Pernod-Ricard brands. At launch there are 15 Classic cocktails and 5 straight drinks. Part educational and part marketing, the game aims to promote Pernod-Ricard brands as well as teach the correct way to make classic cocktails. Naturally it has Drink Aware safety notices and is aimed at an adult audience.

– Earn your keep
Progress through the days to unlock new cocktails and explore the best ways to keep your guests happy.
– Recipe Book
Learn how to make your favourite classic cocktails at home – having fun along the way.
– Immerse
Plug your headphones in to be transported to the atmosphere of the bar for the most authentic experience.

You bar station features a large range or mixers, alcohol brands, soda gun and garnishes.