Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Way back in 2007 we created what can only be described as an Atari VCS style ‘survival horror adventure game’. Fans of Aqua Teen Hunger Force will know that Master Shake, Meatwad and Frylock spend far too much time playing obscure lost cartridges on their home VCS set.

For true authenticity we created the game using a pixel ratio of 150wide x 300high and ‘popped’ it out to 600×400 thus stretching all the pixels to give that true VCS lo-fi look whilst still being able to animate artwork on a per pixel basis.

As with the ATHF show, it’s more violent than the average VCS game, featuring zombies, pistols, chainsaws, shotguns and lashings of blood and body parts. You have to explore the map and can only carry one item at a time whilst solving the puzzles along the way. ‘If’ you can get to the end you can take on the Mooninites themselves. has since disappeared so it’s only available on free flash game sites out in the inter-web. We’ve included a link below.