Wussywat Garden Games

We are proud to have launched Wussywat® Garden Games – a pre-school app that coincides with the launch of Wussywat the Clumsy Cat, Baby Cow’s first pre-school comedy show for CBeebies.

A partnership with Baby Cow Animation, Wussywat Garden Games features the gentle, calming tones of the show’s narrator, popular Broadcaster Liza Tarbuck as well as the charming designs of illustrator and art director Jo Kiddie. The TV show’s slapstick writing is inherent in the game design with its have-a-go ethos running through all interactive play, ensuring little learners have lots of fun engaging in the wacky world of Wussywat.

Available to download from the App Store and Google Play, pre-schoolers and fans alike are invited to join Wussywat and friends for some funny games in The Garden. Players can interact with their favourite characters across 5 beautifully animated games, allowing for children aged 2-6 to develop hand eye co-ordination and problem-solving skills through different game-playing styles.

As players’ aptitude improves in each game they are rewarded with digital stickers to collect and arrange in their very own digital sticker book inside the app. There is also a gated grown-ups area guaranteeing a child-friendly gaming experience for all.

Wussywat Garden Games features some unique activities and enjoyable classics:

  • Puddle Hop – Guide Wussywat as he races Duckadile across the splashy puddles avoiding the frogs as you go.
  • Wobble – Learn to balance a wobbly tower of objects with Ird as you count up to 20.
  • Hide & Squeak – Help Duckadile find the different bugs hidden all over the Garden.
  • Wossat? – Identify the shapes that Wussywat is thinking of by matching the object to the silhouette.
  • Pairs – A classic game with different levels of difficulty and a Garden twist.
  • Sticker Book – Collect digital stickers to arrange in themed backgrounds to create your own Garden scenes.