Curiscope approached Playerthree due to the success of their Kickstarter campaign to develop a Virtual-tee app. The Ultimate way to Learn about the Body!

Augmented Reality allows you to dive in and explore the human body. With the Virtuali-tee app you simply point your phone or tablet towards our special t-shirt and open up a portal to see inside.

The app’s main features:
– Isolate the individual physiological systems that perform all the incredible functions that keep YOU alive!
– Dive into the bloodstream or small intestine with 360 experiences.
– Combine with a Google Cardboard or Mattel Viewmaster and experience in Virtual Reality!
– Go solo! The app works in the mirror and selfie mode
– Fantastic for groups! Multiple phones and tablets all tracking one t-shirt

Curiscope created the original concept and in addition created all the fantastic 3D models and animations featured in the app. Playerthree worked closely with their team to pull it all together using Unity to create a unique VR experience and ensuring the app was tested and published on Android and iOS.

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