Trackheads Turbo

Trackheads Turbo is a WebGL 3D 3JS racing game using an innovative single touch interaction to acceleration and control your speed on bends.

Many moons ago Playerthree created Trackheads, a 2D isometric go-karting flash game where users could create and share their own tracks with a community online. It was a hugely successful game even being discussed on real-life karting forums. Unfortunately Trackheads was very much tied to a specific website and user database which has since been removed. However our plan is to resurrect it one day!

As an R&D project internally we created a new racing game for web, but this time using full low-poly 3D models. Although we have not produced a user version of the track editor. The 3D terrain and all its surface objects are created dynamically at runtime, so one can create a totally new track layout and when the game runs it will choose a setting and create the terrain for you. It even intelligently prevents objects encroaching too close to the track.

Because this is an internal project, we’re not providing a link to our dev servers, but will endeavour to add a video of the game running on the PlayerthreeTV youtube channel soon.