Soy Luna Roller Pop

Soy Luna is a new Disney Channel teen drama focused on Latin American regions. The lead character is a keen roller skater and much of the drama centres around the roller rink and various locations and characters she meets along the way.

Soy Luna Roller Pop is a fast paced animated puzzle game designed and built by Playerthree using Pixi.js and Spine animated characters. As you complete puzzle chains, the animated skating Luna reacts to your progress pulling tricks and moves. Complete your fever disco mode bar and you can earn bonus points for a short period.

Different powers unlock different features in the game, even bringing in a skating partner to complete some tricks alongside you.

Soy Luna Roller Pop also features daily reward retention mechanics and as you earn coins and progress through the map of levels, you can buy and unlock new sticker packs for a fully featured digital sticker book inside the game.

As with all our Disney games, the game is fully translatable by regional deployment.