Sky Pet Play House

Pet Play House is an original ‘creative play’ game created for the Sky Kids App by Playerthree. The audience can choose up to three cute pet kittens or puppies to care for in your house and personalise their names. The home is a landscape single floor digital play-house, filled with fun household objects and animated items. There’s a living room, kitchen and garden for you and your pets to explore and play in.

Your little pets need care and attention, feeding and grooming and even some cleaning up the mess they make. As you play with them, and care for them, you’ll be rewarded with care stars and as you do so, new gifts will arrive for you to open and enjoy.

Playerthree won the pitch to create a nurturing game for Sky Kids proposing a cross between Tamagochi and Toca World. The target market is young children around preschool and early primary, although the appeal extends much further. The Sky Kids app contains a large variety of third party IP and a small selection of simple own-IP branded games so Pet Play House the first game to provide a new range of pet IP that Sky would have exclusively in its app.

The different puppies and cats are animated from a shared skeletal 2D setup with some custom animations for the dogs and cats. You can also customise your pet with different fun hats, collars and bowls.

Understanding and changing seasons is an fun additional element for young children. Each time the app is launched, one can select different weather conditions and see how the garden changes accordingly. Throughout the play your own pets are also visited by some cute friends such as snails, birds, tortoises and bees.

You can also take photos of your pets having fun at any time and download them to your local device.

You can download the Sky Kids App on tablets and phones and need to be a Sky TV user to login.