Star Wars Rogue One

Rogue One Boots on the Ground is a desktop and mobile browser game created by Playerthree for our all new Star Wars Arcade on Disney Games website. The opportunity to work in total secrecy for the as then unreleased Rogue One film was an exciting challenge.

In parallel we were also developing the all new Star Wars Arcade. Both were huge in scope and carried great expectation from Disney and Lucasfilm.

Using an angled, top-down view point reminiscent of Cannon Fodder, Rogue One Boots on the Ground allows players to take control of small teams of crack troopers , moving from mission to mission as you battle against Imperial forces and storm troopers.

Given the younger casual web audience on Disney’s website, an additional challenge was how to create an action battle game that suited the audience. Visually the game had to be consistent with the film and the new characters and worlds, and feature weapons and missions delivered in a casual easy-to-understand way.

The game features two modes; ‘survival’ mode played out on one single huge map set on the planet Jedha and missions mode where you can create your squad and battle fixed levels on Jedha and Scarif. In the latter you even get to take on giant AT-ACTs.

Player squads are made up from different skill sets, such as K2SO can shoot and throw thermal grenades. Cassian can shoot and call X-Wing air strikes. A sniper trooper can use blasters and long range accurate weapons. The secret to success in the game is planning your routes using the in-game radar guide, and utilising easy characters skills. When used each skill has a cool down period so you must use them wisely.

Although Boots on the Ground utilises 2D assets we had to design, model and animate characters, vehicles, ships and buildings in 3D to get the right look and feel. All had to be achieved in a short timescale for the imminent release of the Rogue One movie. The engine is built on WebGL and pixi.js in HTML5

NB: As of May 2020 The link provided to the game is on an online fan site and not an official Disney site