Nom Nation

Nom Nation is a massive pixelated platform adventure in which the player takes on the role of Chef, journeying through five nutritious worlds on a mission to rescue the Book of Nom from Jabber the Gut, head of the McFatass Corporation.
Developed to help 14-19 year olds learn more about food, nutrition, a balanced diet and the effects that food can have on the body, The Noms represent real foods with energy, fats, vitamins and mineral content based upon accurate data provided by the Medical Research Council.

The food Chef eats in the game directly affects his body shape – the player must use this knowledge to complete each level. Sometimes it’s best to be fat to weigh down platforms, at other times it’s good to be thin so he can float on air streams, but as in real life a good balance of foods is the best path to success in your quest.

Nom Nation allows the player to experiment with different food types to see what effects they will have on Chef’s body and discover the results for themselves. There are healthy and fast foods and drinks available in the game, including combinations which will give Chef side effects: Rage mode, Power Punch, Fart Jet, and Turbo Run are just some of the power ups in the game to help chef progress, some more beneficial than others.

To ensure the accuracy of the dietary information in the game, Playerthree worked closely with Dr Rebecca Lang from the Medical Research Council who helped shape the gameplay so that it provides clear messaging relating to the properties of foods and their consumption.

Nom Nation was developed simultaneously for the web, iPhone, iPad and as a downloadable Minis game on PlayStation Network – a first for Channel 4.

“Nom Nation is a brilliant and well done game. It requires a lot of thinking, which is exactly what an educational game should do.” – PSP Minis

“I loved nearly every second I spent with it. I can’t recommend it enough. This is one of the best that Minis have to offer.” – PSN Stores

“The entire package has been well thought out and put together, with the sound matching the visuals in presentation and quality. It’s an engaging game that’ll have you thinking as well as bouncing around like a loon.” – Girl Gamers UK