Nina Earth Explorers

Developed in HTML5 for the young CBeebies audience, Nina Earth Explorers is a series of 10 simple games focused on exploring Earth and Space. Bright, bold and engaging, the games are varied in gameplay and topic: you can search the night sky for satellites, drive the Mars Rover in the search for samples, pilot a boat down river, launch a rocket and more…

The project is fully cross-platform using a single code-base, providing a cost-effective development and consistent user experience across all devices. Developed using DOM technology, the games are highly optimised to ensure they run well on all platforms.

Designed with a mobile-first philosophy, interactions are simple, clear and intuitive, with instructions provided in-line as required to guide the user through the various games. The game is compliant with all the relevant BBC platforms standards as well as their interactive GamesGEL guidelines.

As CBeebies games, there is a focus on simplicity and clarity of communication as well as education, but we believe that although they are simple they can still look great and play well. This is our second HTML5 game developed for Nina and the Neurons.