Nina and the Neurons

Nina and the Neurons Get Building is a suite of HTML5 games for the CBeebies website designed around construction and planning themes for young children.

Unusually for CBeebies, Get Building features a more open ended play mechanic whereby users can create their own building designs from scratch, or unlock special buildings by completing construction puzzles and simple physics structures. Any buildings they unlock or create can be added to a large scrollable play area which comes to life the more buildings you place until it is full of little boats, planes, and cars busying their way around the map.

The construction phase features a relatively complex, yet intuitive piece of UX for a CBeebies game. This was necessary to get across the many functions available including some contextual functions based upon your actions.

Learning is at the heart of all Nina and the Neurons games, they are always enjoybale to create and hugely popular on the CBeebies website.