My Fashion Roadshow

Minnie Mouse My Fashion Roadshow was a pre-existing (and very popular) game on Disney’s website. It’s a creative design game aimed at primarily a young female audience. You can design an outfit, match the trends, and dress up your model at each location on the Fashion Roadshow or go back at your boutique, style your shop as customers buy your smart creations!

However due to the way the original development company had created the game it was almost impossible for Disney to add-to. The game was very large (in file size) and already pushing device memory to its limit. Disney really wanted to add features to the game but adding to such a game would only make the download times increase significantly or risk crashing devices.

Disney approached Playerthree to optimise and enhance the existing game, staying faithful to its art and features. The brief was to add many more fashion opportunities, patterns, clothing designs, new global locations, advertising in-game and a VIP feature. We could also allow for the client to have a greater control over gameplay elements and the in-game economy without having to recompile the game each time.