DHL Smart Speed

DHL Smart Speed is a logistics planning game created by Playerthree for DHL’s Future Lab event space at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. DHL Future Lab was created by Bright Partnerships for DHL.

Featuring a 3D city created in Unity, up to four concurrent players play the game on local touch screens and an audience can view everyone’s progress on a giant screen in the same space.

Your objective is to survey your map, and choose the best combination of delivery methods based upon the proximity and pickup times of parcels. You can choose DHL Parcelcopter Drones, DHL Cubicycles or DHL StreetScooters. The path finding and logistical engine is based upon a real engine that DHL uses on a daily basis to plan the most efficient delivery system for its customers and for fuel efficiency.

We created a 3D isometric style sim-cityscape for each player’s little vehicles to drive around so we are free to pan around, zoom in and out accordingly. Visually it was important to adhere to DHL’s brand guidelines when creating the interface and animated 2D graphics so that the game experience integrates perfectly into the interactive event space.