Bitz and Bob

Bitz and Bob Let’s Get Bitzy! Playerthree won the pitch to bring Bitz and Bob to life in an educational game for CBeebies.

The player can choose fromm different island settings and each time they play they get a different sequence of problems to solve as a team. Many are physics, shape or pressure problems. In keeping with the style of the show, we animated 3D character assets using Esoteric Spine to recreate their visual style instead of making flat 2D versions of them. The environments are richly detailed scrolling backgrounds to mimic the bright and colourful toy-land feel of the television series.

In Bitz and Bob, whenever Bitz needs to solve a problem, the scientific principles and learning are animated in a blue print version to explain clearly the factors at play. This helps young children visualise the problem and find the solution.

As with real engineering and science learning. Failure is an important part of child learning. If you get things wrong, there is no fail state, it should only help indicate the adjustment required to find the correct solution.