Absolute Genius

Absolute Genius Smash Bang Boom! Join Dick and Dom and discover amazing inventions like water jet packs and dynamite to smash, crash and blast your way through exciting levels!

Playerthree created this fantastic physics based html5 game for CBBC. There are five zones, each with three levels, representing key areas of scientific and engineering discovery: Machines and Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Transport, Pressure and Space. In each level there are geniuses to discover, wholly or partially responsible for some of the world’s greatest innovations and inventions.

Seventeen geniuses in total are hidden away for players to discover. The game is foremost a fun physics platformer with some light puzzles to overcome. There’s also education with a small ‘e’ as all of the principles and discoveries in the game are ground firmly in scientific fact. Any geniuses you discover are stored in your genius journal. There you can read some top facts about each of them.

Alfred Nobel keeps popping up in the game simply because sometimes its just fun to blow things up!

You play as Dick and Dom, and ‘tag’ between them as the levels progress, jumping, swimming, flying and driving machines as you explore. With plenty of levers to pull and mechanisms to trigger, the game has an excellent dwell time. It’s proved very popular on the CBBC website.

We lovingly animated Dick and Dom from photographic assets and the whole game is voiced by the excellently knowledgable Fran Scott, who also acted as consultant on some of the best subject matter for the game itself.