Welcome Filip

We are very excited to welcome Filip to our team! Filip is an amazing artist with loads of experience. Previously he was Art Director at SouthEnd in Sweden, where he developed 2D and 3D artwork on many XBLA and PSN titles including Tecmo Bowl Throwback. Filip is already hard at work on our first as […]


It’s Aliiive!

The drivers for Rumble Trucks are alive and kicking. Here’s a sneak peak at some artwork courtesy of George and myself. They’re like the bobble-head dolls you see on dashboards, except in this game they’ll actually be driving the cars. Far out, man. For now, all you need to know is that Rumble Trucks is […]


Uh oh… you just blew up reality!

Flesh eating teachers, brain scanning machines, evil sky rockets and the most mighty packed lunchbox in the history of the universe all feature in Nightmare High, a new game from Channel Four which we and our brilliant collaborators at Somethin Else and Coney have been lovingly crafting throughout 2011.

In development: Super Cyclone

We have been working on a twin-stick shooter for iPhone in the name of Super Cyclone, and it is nearly ready for release! Super Cyclone is a frantic space-shooter in a spiraling universe. You are the lone pilot of a intercept-class patrol ship sent to defend groups of star gates on the outer reaches of […]


Interesting facts on Bubbimals

A little bit less than a month ago we released our iPhone and Android game Bubbimals. Thanks to Flurry we have collected some interesting data about the users of the game. The most popular character is Dolphin!