Happy Halloween

Tomorrow sees the release of our second PSP minis game called Rumble Trucks. One of the track sets is aptly set in a ghostly cemetery just in time for a Halloween release. It will be available on the PlayStation Network for everyone who has a Sony PSP or PlayStation3 console.


Playerthree is 10 years old

Last week we celebrated our 10th anniversary by firing 12000 small plastic 100mph paint filled packets of pain at each other, a true sign of camaraderie if ever there was one. Being a games company means there are more than a few first-person-shooter-obsessives and paint balling seemed a great way for everyone else in the […]

SuperCyclone is out!

We are very excited to announce the release of our new iPhone and iPad game: Super Cyclone. Check out the game’s web site here for screenshots and trailers or go straight to iTunes and download the game now! If you like frantic games, stunning graphics, shooting aliens and flying spaceships this game is for you.

Doctor Who Monster Invasion

We have just released an update to the Doctor Who Monster Invasion web site for the BBC!


Nightmare High

After working amongst zombies teachers, the inner workings of a child’s brain and digesting jam lasagne at the office for several months, we are happy to say that Nightmare High has finally opened its doors!